Atlantic Lacrosse
is is pleased to announce the launch of Atlantic Adaptive Lacrosse, aka, Lacrosse for AAL.  We are a team.  We play lacrosse.  The goal: offer athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities a true lacrosse experience, adapting the game to each player’s needs and strengths, building fitness and confidence, while fostering fun and friendship through team play.  We are making lacrosse accessible for children and young adults with physical, cognitive and non-apparent differences, so AAL can play!!

Lacrosse is A GREAT SPORT for developing athletes because anyone, at any level, can have success and FUN playing it.  Here are a few reasons:  Anyone can throw a ball!  If you drop the ball you can pick it up, or someone else can.  It’s easy to cover a lot of ground running or passing, so everyone is moving all the time.  The goal is BIG so it is easy to score goals.  There are LOTS of players on each team, so less sitting around on the sidelines.  You can run, throw, catch, pick up, kick, jump, fall and get up…. Lax combines all the BEST parts of every other sport into one great game.


Summer Lacrosse Experience Days: 6:00-8:00pm at CAPE HENLOPEN High School on the last Wednesday of each month: 6/28, 7/26, & 8/30

The 2017 season begins Saturday, September 9th and will run for 8 consecutive weeks.  All practices will be on Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00am at Cape Henlopen High School (pending confirmation).  The first practice will start with a meet & greet, equipment fitting, and buddy pairing.

Registration is will open in early June.  You must register to play.  Thanks to the support of Atlantic Lacrosse and a grant from US lacrosse, registration is free, but some basic information is necessary in order to secure insurance, apparel, equipment, and volunteers.

Atlantic Adaptive Lacrosse will look something like this:

  • This program is for children (ages 6-and-up) through young adults (in their 20s). BUT- there is no firm age limit, we will adapt to the needs and wants of the community.
  • Adult volunteers will coordinate the program, practices and all activities.
  • High school school student volunteer(s) will be paired with each player to facilitate their participation.
  • All volunteers will do some basic training, and we do have trained professionals on our development committee, but the only requirement to participate as a volunteer is to LOVE the awesome game of lacrosse.
  • Each player will be fitted with lacrosse equipment and provided with a stick. The stick is theirs to take home and keep, just like any player would. (leave it in the front hall, on the kitchen counter, or under your pillow as a true player would!  All equipment will be bagged and labeled after practice, and left at the field for the next practice.
  • Most days, we will have a normal practice: stretch, warm-up, run drills and scrimmage… we will always finish with a team cheer and SNACKS!! Team parents will coordinate that for us, and that is about all the parents will do.
  • Safety is a priority. All players are required to wear safety equipment in order to play.  However, KNOWING some new players may not love that and will have to work-up to being comfortable, we will adapt as necessary.
  • Some days we will play other Adaptive programs. This will involve travel, as the closest program is about 2 hours away.  We are in the process of scheduling at least one play day with another program, more to come on that!

Still want to know a little more?

Read more on the US lacrosse website
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